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RoughGauge Introduces the Jake Blade

RoughGauge Introduces the Jake Blade

Created for Umphrey's McGee guitarist Jake Cinninger, the Jake Blade is described as an innovative solution for guitarists looking for a more performance-friendly alternative to a traditional "whammy bar".

This unique product allows guitarists to bend and dive the strings by applying pressure from the fingers or palm to the blade. Providing a broader range and offering the guitarist enhanced tremolo effects. Best of all, unlike a traditional whammy, the Jake Blade’s ergonomic design does not get in your way as you play.

Guitarists can order a Jake Blade designed to seamlessly fit their guitar model’s particular tremolo. The traditional Jake Blades are metallic silver in color and fit PRS, G & L, and Stratocaster guitars – and they’re also available in a made-to-order custom dip color. Special order leftie versions are also available. Traditional Jake Blades retail for $99.99 with custom dip color options retailing from $119.00 - $129.00.

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