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Synergy Releases the Diezel Herbert Module

Synergy Releases the Diezel Herbert Module

The Diezel Herbert originated when 7 and 8-string guitars began growing in popularity. It is famous for its ultra-tight bottom-end and percussive attack, perfect for anything from country music to bone-crushing djent-riffs. Today the Herbert remains one of Diezel's most sought-after amplifiers.

When Peter Diezel imagined the Herbert, he started out with a clean sheet of paper with the goal of producing an extraordinary performance amp, capable of delivering delicate, dynamic shimmer; detailed, focused crunch and aggressive, soaring solos. All these tones are offered straight out of the box, with the knobs set at 12 o'clock.

The Diezel Herbert Preamp Module produces all the tonal nuance of the original 180-watt bone-crusher, with its authentic grind and character in an interchangeable Synergy modular package. The same searing tones that make Diezel one of the most respected brands in the amplification industry are accessible in this module.

This two-channel design boasts independent 3-band EQ, mid-cut knob for blue and red channels, allowing you to fine tune separate lead and rhythm tones.


• Two channels with separate gain and volume on each

• Global three band EQ

• Mid-Cut on-off switches for each channel

• Separate blue & red channel mid-cut level controls allow you to dial midrange to perfection

This three-position switch allows you to configure the input tube bass response to match the original circuit of the selected module. This will affect the feel and tightness. Each amp designer has a specific combination of components that makes up their input tube circuit. We have selected the three most popular combinations which you can access with this switch. For example, Friedman modules use position 2. The USA voiced modules typically use setting 1. The Soldano SLO uses position 3. Of course, you can experiment and try any of the positions to see what you prefer. The modules will come preset to the designers preferred setting which for the Diezel Herbert module is position 2 (2.7K resistor and .68uf capacitor).

MAP/MSRP $399.99

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