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Two Notes Introduces the Dave Friedman Collection

Two Notes Introduces the Dave Friedman Collection

Legendary amp builder and modder Dave Friedman delivers five 4x12” cabinets recorded at Sunset Sound Studios, outfitted with rare Celestion drivers.

For his inaugural DynIR release, Dave provides a selection of 5 rare, tonally distinct 4x12” cabinets outfitted with a selection of must-have, hard-to-come-by Celestion drivers. These DynIRs were captured at the infamous Sunset Sounds studio, LA. A veritable melting pot of powerhouse cabinets primed for the modern creative to harness some of Dave’s next- level tone-bending knowhow. From original 70’s G12-65’s to mainstay Vintage 30’s - not to mention a super-rare cab from a 70’s Laurel Canyon rock and roll legend - everything the discerning tone chaser demands is here, ready to enrich your sound with some iconic Friedman wizardry. The following cabinets are included in this release:

  • Friedman Vintage 412 Black - Mighty tone is the name-of-the-game with this DynIR, inspired by a vintage 4x12” Marshall slant cabinet complete with a classic chequered grill cloth and Celestion G12H-30 “Black Back” 55Hz 30W speakers. Sharing some of the character of its 75Hz cousin, this 55Hz version is deeper and darker in its tonal output; think of this BB30 as a more aggressive “Greenback” speaker with sublime bite, punch and depth.
  • Friedman Vintage 412 G12 - This vintage 4x12” cab has been outfitted with a G12-65 speaker heralding from the late 70’s. Its massive dust cap and higher power handling translates to a warmer, fat sound, and was widely regarded as one the best speakers you could put into a 4x12”.
  • Friedman 412 Green - Captured from a thunderous Friedman 4x12” cabinet loaded with Celestion Greenback Speakers, this unique DynIR guarantees to faithfully deliver that legendary tone synonymous with classic British cabinets. No half-hearted attempts here, the Friedman Green is the iconic modern tone of rock 4x12” cabinets, complete with the perfectly scooped midrange and airy top. Designed to be the ideal partner for British-voiced amplifiers.
  • Friedman 412 Vint - Captured from a Friedman 4x12” cabinet loaded with Celestion V30 speakers, this DynIR is a sure-fire hit for tone chasers seeking legendary tones synonymous with British cabinets. Pushing out a formidably aggressive midrange, the Friedman 412 Vint is perfect for contemporary high-gain tone enthusiasts who demand the perfect blend of power, depth and uncompromising articulation.
  • Friedman 412 Vint 6402 - It really doesn’t get any rarer than this! The Friedman Vint 6402 is a faithful capture of the iconic ‘naked’ cabinet that has been a mainstay in Dave Friedman’s workshop since the very beginning. Acquired from the backline of a 70’s Laurel Canyon rock and roll legend, “For What It’s Worth” it has no tolex so the bare wood resonates more musically and allows your amp to ‘sing’. This cabinet is loaded with a quartet of early 90’s “Greenback” speakers; these rare 6402 coned speakers are often considered to have a smoother tone than Celestion’s current Greenback speakers.

All 5 cabinets have been captured with 8 industry standard microphones including the Blue Dragonfly, Shure Unidyne III 545, Heil Sound PR30, Sennheiser MD409, Shure SM57, Coles Electroacoustics 4038, Beyerdynamic M160 and Royer R-121. Each DynIR was recorded through the legendary 68x16 Sunset Sound Custom Discreet Console via a HH Electronics power Amp using only Mogami cables.

The Dave Friedman Collection of DynIR virtual cabinets are compatible with all DynIR-enabled Torpedo hardware (including Captor X, C.A.B. M+ and digital legacy products), 3rd party Torpedo embedded devices and the Torpedo Wall of Sound v4 audio plug-in (Mac/PC).

Two Notes Dave Friedman Cab Pack

The Dave Friedman Collection retails at 39€ / $39 (USD) and is available from the Two notes store exclusively via the following link:

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