Two Notes Unveils Genome at NAMM 2022

An all-new Carrier-class software ecosystem for hybrid- and plugin-based rigs featuring advanced virtual cabinet emulation technology.

At its core: next-generation DynIR cabinet emulation for on-demand access to 500+ virtual guitar & bass cabinets, studio-grade microphones and pristine recording environments. For total command of the post-amp signal chain, GENOME’s surgically-tuned Studio FX and player-centric workflow empower you with the pinnacle in next-generation pro-grade tools. Available in plugin- and standalone-formats, and offering cross-platform compatibility courtesy of a handy IR Export feature, GENOME is primed and ready to deliver consistent, reliable tone from the studio to the stage.

GENOME is a purpose-built adaptable channel strip developed to exceed the exacting standards of the modern player. Better yet, it’s versatile and effortless to set up. Using an outright in-the-box setup? Simple, set GENOME as your post-virtual-amp plugin. Got a collection of physical amps? Grab a Captor or Captor X, line the DI signal into your DAW and dive into a world of surgical tone-shaping. What about Modelling Processors and Pedal-Boards? Disable your cab sim, hook up to your DAW and let GENOME do the hard work.


• Hyper intuitive, guitar-centric interface roots your focus on dialling in the perfect tone

• Harness the power of Two notes Proprietary DynIR technology with complete control of over 500+ virtual guitar and bass cabinets, studio-grade microphones and recording environments

• Virtually unlimited creative potential with up-to 8 independent channels, plus a master input channel, master output channel, optional dual-Lanes per channel for parallel processing, and all mainstay mix-centric controls

• Expand your library with an ever growing catalogue of DynIRs from house-hold cabinet manufacturers and iconic artists

• Export your DynIRs as static Impulse Responses for use in floorboard modelling processors, plugin applications and more • Experience liberated performance capability with full MIDI Mapping and Snapshots

• Available for MacOS X & Windows (64- and 32-bit) operating systems in standalone, VST3, AU, AAX & VST formats

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