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Two Notes Audio Engineering Announces Torpedo Live and Software Updates

Two Notes Audio Engineering has announced the Torpedo Live digital loadbox and a major update for their Torpedo PI-101 software.

Montpellier, France (March 19, 2012) -- Two Notes Audio Engineering has announced the Torpedo Live digital loadbox and a major update for their Torpedo PI-101 software.

Two Notes Audio Engineering Torpedo Live
Torpedo Live is a 100W RMS analogue reactive loadbox combined with DSP and convolution based algorithms, designed to deliver great cabinet/microphone simulation for creating awesome and authentic guitar sounds.

Torpedo Live is connected directly to a guitar or bass amplifier’s speaker output (replacing the speaker). Alternately, for guitarists using pre-amps (such as the Marshall JMP1, Mesa Boogie Studio Preamp and Groove Tubes Trio), Torpedo Live includes the power amp algorithms originally developed for the Torpedo VM-202, emulating 4 types of tubes in A-class and AB-class formats.

Representing the essence of Torpedo technology, Torpedo Live builds on the concept established in the VB-101, in which Two Notes’ exclusive proprietary cabinet and microphone measurement technology emulates the sound and process of miking a guitar or bass cabinet in a professional recording studio with detailed accuracy.

Torpedo Live presents users with comprehensive functionality in a compact 1u rack unit format, including the ability to store up to 32 Two Notes measured cabinets from the manufacturer’s evergrowing vintage and modern collection (42 cabs are currently available). Each cab features front/back miking and fully adjustable mic positioning, with a choice of 8 different studio-standard microphones (dynamic, ribbon, condenser).

Torpedo Live can be remotely controlled via USB using Two Notes’ Torpedo Remote software that has been totally rewritten for greater ease of use and enhanced functionality. The unit can also store up to 512 wav/aiff compatible user IR's. When Torpedo Live is connected to a computer, files on the computer can be browsed while playing using the Torpedo Remote software’s “Quick Preview” function.

Torpedo Live Professional Digital Loadbox is available for $995.

Two Notes PI-101 evolves into Torpedo PI-101 Wall of Sound
Two Notes Audio Engineering now offers the latest release of major update for its Torpedo PI-101 software plug-in; the Torpedo PI-101 Wall of Sound. This update adds several new features that have been requested by users since the PI- 101’s initial release at the start of 2011, including multi-cabinet processing and stereo processing.

Recording with more than one microphone and/or re-amping tracks through different cabinets has always been the secret of killer studio guitar sounds. The Torpedo PI-101 Wall of Sound now makes it possible to load up to 100 channels of different cabinet/microphone combinations to create amazing recording setups, for example 2 different cabinets with 3 microphones on each. And, all from within a single instance of the plug-in! The PI-101 Wall of Sound can also be inserted on a stereo track to process each channel with the same cab/mic configuration, a “must have” for processing synths, drum loops and other FX samples.

Available for both Mac OSX and Windows in AU, VST and RTAS formats, the new Torpedo PI- 101 Wall of Sound software is available now and is a free update to existing Torpedo PI-101 users.

Torpedo PI-101 Wall of Sound is now available for $289.

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