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ZeroFive Audio Introduces the Lowrider and Voodoo

ZeroFive Audio Introduces the Lowrider and Voodoo

The new company based in Rennes, France, and founded by a recording and mixing engineer, is starting operations with the launch of a pair of original designs born from an idea: turning studio mixing techniques into effect pedals.

ZeroFive Audio has introduced two innovative new pedals: The Lowrider EQ and Voodoosaturation effect.


  • The Lowrider is an equalizer pedal based on a legendary studio machine, the Pultec EQP-1A. The circuit impacts low frequencies in an almost magical fashion and is configured to apply a famous setting, known as the Pultec Trick by sound engineers.
  • Pricing is 199€ + Shipping.
  • Adjustable low-end response with a unique studio EQ curve that no other device offers
  • Intuitive and powerful controls
  • Deep bass, clean tone
  • Intended for bassists, but incredibly powerful on guitar and synth too

ZeroFive Audio Lowrider audio demo


The Voodoo pedal’s circuit is a full bandwidth saturation device, inspired by a studio mixing technique, which consists in boosting afrequency zone before the saturation circuit, and applying the opposite cut after it. It allows not only for a wide variety of sounds,but also solves a few problems of the classic saturation pedals.

  • 219€ + Shipping
  • Unique one knob sweepable pre and post-EQ (British studio console EQ-type)
  • Give character or radical saturation to a frequency zone, while maintaining the integrity of the rest of the signal and good tonal balance
  • Allows a wide variety of textures, from tape-like compression to transparent OD, distortion, heavy fuzz and of course everything in between
  • Stacks very well with other effects Saturate your signal while maintaining clean and powerful low-end: very effective on bass and synth
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ZeroFive Audio VOODOO guitar Demo