It has been said that you can often assess one’s character by the company they keep. I certainly agree with that – the secret of Premier Guitar’s success lies in

It has been said that you can often assess one’s character by the company they keep. I certainly agree with that – the secret of Premier Guitar’s success lies in the fact that we’ve been able to attract a passionate, dedicated audience. And while we’ve known that all along, the recent results of our first, official Ad-Q advertising and readership study, conducted with our September issue, confirm it.

The study was managed by one of the world’s largest and most prestigious audience research firms, Harvey Research ( It was a comprehensive report card on Premier Guitar, and provided us with a clear picture of what you like, what you don’t like, what works and what doesn’t. As we work to give you what you want, need and expect, these kinds of report cards will be vital. I’m as serious as a broken headstock when I tell you that we do not take our responsibilities lightly, and it has also been an enlightening experience for all of us here at PG.

So allow me introduce you to your fellow readers. The average PG reader is 46.7 years old and has been playing guitar for 17.8 years. 95 percent of you play and own electric guitars, while 78 percent of you play and own acoustic guitars – 40 percent also play the bass. 86 percent of you consider your playing level as “serious,” 42 percent classify yourselves as “guitar collectors” and 35 percent are professional performers. An incredible 97 percent of you purchase gear on a regular basis and intend of making further investments in high-end or boutique gear in the next 18 months. Even more remarkably, you report having gone on an average of two inflatable dates, a bit below our staff average. Talk about dedication.

But what are we going to do with all this feedback? Well, we are going to strengthen our dedication to informing you on the latest gear by giving you even more of the features you can’t find elsewhere: builder profiles, new product spotlights and tech advice columns. Our resident gearheads have revamped our ratings system and added “Buy it if…” and “Skip it if…” to every review, to make sure you get enough perspective before you open that wallet.

We’re going to keep encouraging you to become a better player with the TrueFirepowered Premier Clinic and we’ve launched our brand new digital edition ( so you can get your PG fix anywhere there’s a computer. We’ve premiered our newly designed website (, where you can find many more web-exclusive stories you can’t read in print, and we’ve even made some changes to our design and typeface, to ensure PG remains readable and easy to use.

We just thought you might appreciate knowing who you are hangin’ out with, as a valued reader of Premier Guitar. One thing is certain – regardless of age, location or musical style, we all are relentlessly pursuing tone. Welcome to the tone club; you are in premier company.

We truly appreciate your continued support and encouragement. Happy Holidays to all of you!

Nuff Sed.
Trent Salter

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