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I Love Pedals Week #1

I Love Pedals Week #1

Our First in a month of pedal giveaways! Enter below for your chance to win one of SIX pedals from Aclam Guitars, Chase Bliss, Ernie Ball, JangleBox, Renzo Sound, and Revv Amplification!

Enter Here: Be sure to visit each sponsor below.

I Love Pedals 2023 - Week 1

Revv Shawn Tubbs Tilt Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal

The Shawn Tubbs Tilt Overdrive is the tonal culmination of a lifetime in music. Shawn not only needed a practical tone tool to give him the right sound quickly in any musical context - he aimed to combine the greatest vintage amp tones & recorded guitar sounds of all time into one ideal sound. Now that tone is available to you in an award-winning compact 9v double pedal with a unique Tilt Boost.

Designed to be both the core of your entire guitar sound you can take anywhere & a useful tool to upgrade your existing setup, Tilt Overdrive adds an all-new record-ready tone to your palette that expands your recording & performance capabilities while channeling Shawn’s 30+ years of professional guitar experience into a combination of the best recorded guitar sounds in history. Not only was it developed by a AAA session musician who always has to have perfect tone - it’s designed to bring out the best of each player who plugs in. It drops right into your rig to produce Shawn’s trademark clear, balanced overdriven sounds.


Renzo Sound Autumn Drive

Renzo Sound is showing up to this party with our newest (and only!) overdrive pedal, the Autumn Drive.

The vibes are chill and deceptively simple for all you modern rock and pop gals and guys. Twist our knobs and you’ll be treated with the satisfying crunch and fuss-free controls of our 250-style drive. We’re keepin’ it fresh with a totally redesigned circuit for greater clarity and expressiveness - which we all know you could use

Nerd out on the details:

* Drive ranges from beefy boost to creamy overdrive that touches fuzz territory

* Flat EQ retains bass, tames treble, and lets your tone shine through.

* Top-mounted jacks, soft-click true bypass, and standard 9v power, so it’s right at home on your pedalboard.

Renzo Sound

JangleBox Byrds 50th LE

The original JangleBox compressor/sustainer is the pedal that captured the clean, bright ringing chime popularized by the Beatles, enhanced by the Byrds, and integrated into the sonic palettes of so many contemporary groups.

This simple plug-in/play compression pedal creates a bold sustain that will give your Ric, Tele, Gretsch, Strat — whatever the guitar — remarkable presence. Unlike pedals that clip or distort the original signal, the JangleBox expands the compression “sweet spot” to maintain a clean, even tone, with true bypass.

Compact and powerful, the JangleBox is ruggedly constructed for demanding pros and aspiring artists alike. Whether you’re looking to get that Beatles/Byrds chime and jangle, never-ending slide sustain, Nashville “squish,” or just a big, clean boost, the JangleBox delivers the distinctive compression edge.


Ernie Ball VPJR Tuner - Black

The VPJR Tuner pedal combines Ernie Ball’s world-renowned volume pedal with an enhanced definition digital guitar tuner. In the heel-down position, the pedal’s vibrant touchscreen automatically enters tuner mode, allowing for silent tuning. As the foot sweeps forward, the screen switches to volume mode, providing a graphic display of your volume level. Alternatively, the screen can remain in volume mode or tuner mode, regardless of the pedal’s position in the sweep. Simply double-tap on the touchscreen to toggle between modes. The VPJR Tuner provides the same rugged construction and time-tested performance as Ernie Ball’s traditional volume pedal, resulting in the most useful guitar tuner pedal on the market.

Ernie Ball

Chase Bliss Generation Loss MkII

Generation Loss MKII is a study of tape in all its forms.

We decided to start from scratch this time and really explore what tape is all about. Get into those crinkles that make it so magical. We took apart VCRs, we analyzed anything we could find with a tape in it, from camcorders to cassette decks.

All available for you to saturate, fail and flutter, until everything sits just right. And if you prefer the way it was before, you can do that too. In stereo.

Chase Bliss

Aclam Guitars Dr Robert signed by Klaus Voormann

The most accurate replica of the iconic VOX UL730 amp. Made famous by 'The Beatles' as they used it on Revolver & Sgt. Pepper's albums. It was also used by The Rolling Stones, Jimmy Page or Joy Division.

Klaus Voormann (Revolver's cover album designer) has created the artwork for the Dr. Robert pedal and this is an exclusive unit signed by himself.

With its circuit tailored for both guitar and bass, and a meticulous process of tracing the original tag board circuits and measuring each component’s value, the result is an approach of this sound never reached before.

Aclam Guitars
$USD 320 + Klaus Voormann signature
The Return of Johnny Cash—John Carter Cash Interview
The Return of Johnny Cash—John Carter Cash Interview on Johnny’s New Songwriter Album

The Man in Black returns with the unreleased Songwriter album. John Carter Cash tells us the story.

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The GibsonES Supreme Collection (L-R) in Seafoam Green, Bourbon Burst, and Blueberry Burst.

The new Gibson ES Supreme offers AAA-grade figured maple tops, Super Split Block inlays, push/pull volume controls, and Burstbucker pickups.

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Mdou Moctar has led his Tuareg crew around the world, but their hometown performances in Agadez, Niger, last year were their most treasured.

Photo by Ebru Yildiz

On the Tuareg band’s Funeral for Justice, they light a fiery, mournful pyre of razor-sharp desert-blues riffs and political calls to arms.

Mdou Moctar, the performing moniker of Tuareg guitar icon Mahamadou “Mdou” Souleymane, has played some pretty big gigs. Alongside guitarist Ahmoudou Madassane, drummer Souleymane Ibrahim, and bassist Mikey Coltun, Moctar has led his band’s kinetic blend of rock, psych, and Tuareg cultural traditions like assouf and takamba to Newport Folk Festival, Pitchfork Music Festival, and, just this past April, to the luxe fields of Indio, California, for Coachella. Off-kilter indie-rock darlings Parquet Courts brought them across the United States in 2022, after which they hit Europe for a run of headline dates.

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How do you capture what is so special about Bill Frisell’s guitar playing in one episode? Is it his melodies, his unique chord voicings, his rhythmic concept, his revolutionary approach to pedals and sounds…? It’s all of that and much more.

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