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Rig Rundown - Ariel Posen

The soulful slide wiz shows off his Teisco-inspired baritone and several "different" tone tools that have inspired his pandemic projects—including a knockout Custom Shop Jazzmaster.

Ariel Posen entered as a sideman. His scintillating work with the Bros. Landreth made him a guitarist’s guitarist. He’s since stepped out on his own to show he’s more than just shadowy specialist.

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Check out the brand-new, lunchbox-sized gain monster that offers integrated Two Notes cab and mic emulation.

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The first day was full of new gear from Two Notes, Revv, Gibson, Jackson Audio, and the biggest Metal Zone you've ever seen.

Dunlop Octavio

We started the day at Jim Dunlop and checked out their new octave fuzz, the Octavio. Hitting a note above the 10th fret creates some wicked overtones and Hendrix-style riffs come alive when the fuzz is cranked. Available now for $129. Quite the deal.