Revv Amplification Introduces the Glenn Fricker Signature Series Northern Mauler 2-In-1 Distortion

This pedal combines boutique high gain & Swedish chainsaw mayhem in collaboration with award-winning metal engineer Glenn Fricker.

The Canadian metal masters are on a mission with award-winning engineer Glenn Fricker to inject some mayhem back into your metal. One half of the Northern Mauler is an unforgettable sonic assault inspired by the iconic HM-2 sound of Swedish Death Metal & American Hardcore. The other is the punchy high gain Revv is known for;custom-tuned to Glenn’s specs. Blend freely between the 2 circuits to find your own unique, memorable sound into a wide variety of setups.

"I've been wanting to mix the Swedish Chainsaw into modern metal tones for quite a while now. So I reached out to the guys at Revv, & after many months & many revisions, we've come up withThe Northern Mauler. This combines the best of Revv's wonderful super-tight metal tones with the out-of-control nastiness of the Chainsaw... & the results are better than I could have hoped for! We even kept the labeling simple so even the bass players could use it!” -Glenn Fricker

The Revv Glenn Fricker Northern Mauler features:

  • Seamlessly combine Revv’s boutique high gain & Swedish chainsaw mayhem in collaboration with award-winning metal engineer Glenn Fricker.
  • Embrace the chaos by blending in a grimy, out-of-control sound that gives your tone character & makes it memorable.
  • A punchy new voice of Revv high gain amp tone & Revv’s homage to the legendary HM-2 in one pedal.
  • Optimized for use with clean amps, high gain amps, power amps, &direct to interface with impulse responses.
  • True bypass, top jacks, & 9v (20mA) center negative external power supply operation.
  • Gloss white finish w/ custom bear graphic & Glenn Fricker signature.
  • Manufactured in Canada to rugged quality standards w/ 2-year registered limited warranty.

Revv Glenn Fricker Northern Mauler | Performance Demo & Specs

The Revv Glenn Fricker Northern Mauler has a street price of $249. For more information, please visit

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