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Positive Grid Announces JamUp Pro XT

The iOS-based modeling app now features user-created tone sharing, compatibility with a hardware footswitch controller, and a more robust preset manager.

San Diego, CA (July 5, 2012) — Positive Grid is proud to announce the release of JamUp Pro XT, the latest version of its studio-grade, guitar/bass amp-and-effects modeling app for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. Pro XT brings a number of significant enhancements that solidify JamUp Pro’s place as the most comprehensive, feature-rich app of its type, and the one with the most authentic sound and feel.

One of the key features in the new release is Tone Sharing, which allows users to create, share and download user tones from JamUp’s cloud-based sharing site. Tone Sharing invites the player to check out presets from top artists, staff picks, a Preset of the Month, and user created tones from other JamUp users all over the world. The tone-creation possibilities of this new platform are virtually infinite. In addition, the sharing interface is ultra-intuitive, and many actions require just one finger-tap.

To make it easier to save presets for sharing or playing, JamUp Pro XT’s Preset Manager has also been significantly upgraded, and now holds four banks of 16 presets, for a total of 64. Users can now rename the banks and add descriptions and categories.

Yet another major addition to Pro XT is JamUp’s compatibility with Griffin Technology StompBox, a popular hardware footswitch controller for iOS devices. Using JamUp and StompBox in tandem gives you the functionality of a well-stocked pedalboard, and lets you control actions like preset switching, effects on/off, wah-wah, and JamUp’s phrase sampler and iTunes Jam player, right from StompBox’s four programmable footswitches. JamUp has a custom-configuration page that’s only available when a StompBox is connected. On it, users can choose which of JamUp’s controls to assign to each footswitch, and they’ll also have four user banks to save their configurations.

"JamUp is one of the best guitar effects apps out there and we’re excited that Griffin’s StompBox is now compatible," said Ethan Opelt, Line Manager of Griffin's Audio category. "Together JamUp and StompBox recreate the experience of pro-quality guitar effects and an actual pedal board, undoubtedly creating the best guitar rig around."

Two new expansion packs, one for bass and one for guitar, are another highlight of JamUp Pro XT, and both are available for convenient in-app purchase. The addition of these new sounds gives JamUp Pro XT the largest amp-and-effects collection among all the iOS modeling apps.

The Bass Expansion Package ($9.99) provides you with models of four classic bass amps, Ampeg SVT®, 1968 Ampeg® B-15, Gallien-Krueger® 800RB, SWR® Redhead; and two must-have effects pedals, Musitronics Mu-Tron™ and Tech 21® SansAmp. The Boutique Expansion Package ($9.99) provides guitarists with models of hand-wired amplifiers with warm tube character and plenty of nuances. It includes models based on the Matchless® DC-30, Dr. Z® Route 66, ENGL® Fireball 100, Laney® GH50 and Hiwatt®DR 103.

Along with all the realistic new sounds, JamUp Pro XT ushers in a substantially improved playing experience, thanks to a new audio engine that reduces latency by a stunning 50 percent. “Latency has always been an concern with amp-modeling apps,” says Calvin Abel, the JamUp product manager, “but the new ultra-low-latency audio engine makes playing through JamUp feel super realistic. It’s now a true live- and studio-ready rig.”

More Pro XT additions include an Undo feature and enhanced recording quality for the phrase sampler/looper, and improved resolution (0.1x) for the fine-speed control of the iTunes Jam Player.

JamUp Pro XT is now at an introductory price of $9.99 (regular $19.99), and the upgrade for JamUp Pro 1x owners is free. You can check out the experience before purchasing, by downloading JamUp, which offers the same sound engine, but a limited model set. JamUp apps are compatible with the JamUp Plug ($19.99), and most other iOS guitar adapters.

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