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10 Noise Gates That Will Keep Your Tone Tight

10 Noise Gates That Will Keep Your Tone Tight

Down with the noise! Here are 10 options to rid your rig of those buzzy demons.

Unless you’re in a Sonic Youth tribute band, or maybe you’ve finally realized your dream of starting an avant-garde tribute to Neil Diamond, you might have a bit of noise in your signal chain you would want to eliminate. These 10 options aim to slam the door on extraneous buzz and hum, and at high-gain settings, they will keep your rhythm chugs tight.

Boss NS-1X Noise Suppressor

Centered around the company’s MDP technology, this gate aims to eliminate noise without sacrificing feel or response. It also includes an effects loop and a mute mode.

$199 street

GUPTech MWAC Noise Gate

Precise and high performance even at lower signal, it excels in all situations—from high-gain havoc to gentler terrain. Available in four colors: red, orange, purple or army green. It's affordable enough for everyone to clean up their act.

$127 street

Revv G8 Noise Gate

A pedal-sized version of the noise gate in the Generator 120, this stomp offers hold, release, and threshold controls, and a full effects loop.

$199 street

MXR M135 Smart Gate

The single-knob design allows for on-the-fly tweaking, but the included extended trigger range and three different noise bands allow for a highly versatile setup.

$149 street

ISP Technologies Decimator II

One of the most popular noise gates, this pedal uses Time Vector Processing to help craft a smoother level of noise reduction. You can also link multiple units for maximum signal tracking.

$143 street

TC Electronic Iron Curtain

Housed in a rock-solid enclosure, this gate features decay and threshold dials, a switchable mute control, and an entirely analog circuit.

$49 street

Darkglass NSG

With a push of the big knob, you can move between soft and hard gain reduction, which can be adjusted from -65 dBV to +5 dBV.

$199 street

​Electro-Harmonix Silencer

With three different controls (threshold, decay, and release), you’re able to dial in and customize the exact level of gain reduction. It also features an effects loop to help with any noisy pedals.

$80 street

Ibanez Pentatone Gate

Nabbed from the Pentatone preamp, this standalone version offers a dead-simple setup with a single threshold knob and a switch to move between high and low modes.

$99 street

Pigtronix Gatekeeper 2

A studio-quality gate created around a JFET circuit and a release control that dials in the speed of the gate.

$119 street