Keep the sounds you want. Dial out the ones you don’t.

Hiss, hum, or buzz getting you down? Rather than kicking in a speaker, add a noise-gate pedal to your rig and clean that unwanted sonic junk from your signal chain. Here are 10 boxes to consider.


This pedal’s circuit preserves the natural attack and envelope of an instrument’s sound, while its threshold and decay controls allow for shaping the elimination/suppression as desired.
$99 street  


Decimator II This noise gate features the company’s Linearized Time Vector Processing, designed to provide smooth sustained-note decay that’s virtually free of any release ripple.
$134 street  


Noise Killer
Featuring both hard and soft modes of noise reduction, this mini-format pedal has a noise-reduction degree range of -70 dB to +10 dB.
$37 street  


Housing three controls for precise fine-tuning, this pedal delivers up to -70 dB of noise reduction and a release time of 8 ms to 4 seconds.
$69 street  


Noise Clamp
Promising to come down hard on the noisiest of signals, this pedal’s lone trigger dial allows players to set the volume threshold at which the pedal is active.
$89 street


The multi-band technology in this TonePrint-enabled pedal focuses on very specific frequencies to reduce noise without compromising core tone.
$129 street  


This true-bypass mini noise-gate pedal is designed to wipe out hiss, unwanted feedback, and pickup buzz by providing up to 65 dB of signal clean-up, while maintaining signal integrity.
$119 street  


Gate Keeper
This micro-format pedal uses high-speed JFET circuitry to eliminate non-musical sounds, allowing players to crank the volume without worry, even on most high-gain rigs.
$99 street  


This stealthy noise-gate pedal houses a single control for threshold and switchable input sensitivity for loop or front-end application.
$129 street  


Noise Terminator
Unlike conventional noise gates, this pedal allows a player to switch between two threshold settings: soft for less noisy equipment and hard for when more radical settings are needed.
$166 street

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