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Rhythm Rules - Feb. '18 Ex. 2

Boss introduces a powerful new wireless desktop amp for guitar and bass.

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The spirit of the legendary and underrated Electric XII lives on in an accessibly priced and playable 12 string.

Comfortable and playable. Pretty proportions. Sweet combined-pickup settings. Great value. Quality build.

Pickups can lack headroom. Tuners can feel imprecise.


Squier Jazzmaster 12


Call me a freak, but some of my favorite Led Zeppelin moments happen when Jimmy Page is cruising or dreaming away on his Fender Electric XII. The middle section of “Stairway to Heaven,” “When the Levee Breaks,” “The Song Remains the Same”—all of these songs are made Technicolor, widescreen, and extra enormous by the Electric XII, which enhances the contrasts so critical to Page’s light-and-shade arrangement ethos and enlivens the pastoral threads that are such a vital facet of Led Zeppelin’s first five records.

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A new phaser offering a plethora of options, in collaboration with Spaceman Effects.

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