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Rocktron Announces PatchMate Loop 8 Floor Controller

The floor controller features 8 loops with true bypass and 128 programmable presets.

Battle Creek, MI (June 14, 2010) -- The PatchMate Loop 8 Floor provides 8 discrete Loops all with true bypass, buffered and non buffered signal paths, and 128 programmable presets with Real time control using the 9 high quality metal foot switches.
The eight loops may be configured for multiple purposes including channel switching, effects loops, guitar routing, and more. Add preset programmability along with pedal true bypass to any standard pedal board with ease.

The PatchMate Loop 8 Floor is easy to set up and program with real time user controls. The unit can be programmed from the top panel using the switches. Recall the first 8 user presets using the 8 onboard footswitches or access a total of 128 presets using external MIDI program changes. External MIDI continuous controllers add the ability to trigger loops externally.

The PatchMate Loop 8 Floor supports intelligent latching and momentary switch sensing, which allows the user to use any MIDI continuous controller number without any other programming effort.

The PatchMate Loop 8 Floor has buffered Active and Passive inputs, with Passive/Active and Active outputs on the back. It may also be set to any MIDI channel and is programmable from the top panel as well as configured for use on any of 16 banks of controllers via the top panel switches.

MIDI In/Out/Thru is also provided making it the ideal addition to any floor setup that can benefit from the flexibility attained with programmable presets, 8 loops with true bypass, real time, and external loop control capabilities.

Additionally, using Rocktron's Smart Controller Technology, the PatchMate LOOP 8 Floor can also be used for momentary amplifier switching. MSRP: $329

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