Chicago-area repairman/designer specializes in refrets

Chicago, IL (May 1, 2008) - Here''s a Chicago-area guy who does all types of guitar-related repairs and custom builds. People from around the world send Tim Schroeder their guitars for refretting. He also builds custom guitars and amps. The day we popped in he showed us a 40-watt amp (with 6L6s) he was working on for Nels Cline of Wilco. He also makes an effects board buffer known as the Blister Agent.

Recently, Schroeder was featured on the cable TV show, Design on a Dime, in which he built a guitar pick-shaped table with guitar necks for legs.

We were particularly struck by the cool vibe of Schroeder''s shop. He''s got a great space. He''s also located right next to Make''n Music.

For more information:
Schroeder Guitar Repair and Custom Building

An overachieving overdrive that gets way bigger than its name suggests.

Sweet balanced crunch tones. Dynamic. Sparkling, full, and clean at attenuated guitar volume. High-quality build.

Pretty expensive.


Great Eastern FX Small Speaker Overdrive


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