Reader: Jonathan C. Berndt

Hometown: New Kent County, Virginia

Guitar: Old Yeller

A 6-string hound that’s still barking nearly 40 years after it's birth.

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Four rad add-ons and a whopping six pickup combinations for the Fender offset.

Hello and welcome back to Mod Garage. This month I'll show you how to combine several mods in one guitar, making it ultra-flexible. I chose the very simple two pickups with master volume and master tone configuration because this simple layout applies to a lot of guitars and you can use this wiring for all of them. Because Fender recently added a very good Duo-Sonic model to their Player series, and I received a lot of questions about how to mod this simple guitar, I decided to show this wiring on a Duo-Sonic.

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Is neck bowing making your favorite instrument harder to play with each passing season? This comprehensive video shows how to easily get it just right on all your acoustic, electric, and bass guitars.

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