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Meet the All-New Taylor 500 Series

Meet the Taylor 500 Series - Ironbark (Sponsored)

In this short video, Taylor Guitars introduces it's brand-new 500 series guitar.

Taylor G500 Series

Formerly the home of their mahogany models, the 500 Series now boasts back and sides of Urban Ironbark, an all-new tonewood sourced from Taylor's always-growing urban wood initiative. As a back and side wood, Urban Ironbark yields a bold, rich and sweet voice that's sure to impress players of all styles, giving these guitars piano-like clarity with a smooth character that amplifies each player's unique touch. They've paired the Urban Ironbark with torrefied spruce tops for an extra seasoned tone, adding up to a supremely balanced sound that performs exceptionally well on stage or in the studio. Players will also find the mahogany/torrefied spruce Builder's Edition 517 here, a Grand Pacific model with enhanced comfort features and aesthetics. If you're looking for a guitar with a totally original, unexpected musical personality, look no further than the 500 Series.

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