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The wide neck and contour-less body of the Teye La Gitana might not appeal to every bassist, but its warm tonal palette and beautiful looks will likely please a number of players.

Teye—the man who builds intricate guitars and basses that bear his name on their headstocks—is like so many of us: He’s a musician obsessed with finding the perfect instrument. From ornately etched aluminum plates to extravagant inlay work, the striking looks of a Teye (pronounced “tie-ya”) guitar or bass will please any musician who appreciates the combination of art and lutherie. One such instrument, the new R-Series La Gitana bass, is one of the more visually subdued examples of his still exquisite bass offerings.

Practical Elegance
With a body carved in a familiar style, one can easily see the influences in Teye’s La Gitana bass. The mildly figured mahogany body is topped with a padauk top that beautifully frames the ornamentation, hardware, and pickups. More than a third of the back of the La Gitana is covered by an aluminum plate in a shape that could be described as a mix between a psychedelic f-hole and a scimitar blade. With the exception of the tuners, the La Gitana’s hardware is proprietary and melds function and form, furthering Teye’s aesthetic vision and providing a durable alternative to aftermarket parts.

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