all them witches

Rig Rundown: All Them Witches [2021]

Stoner metal, desert rock, trippy psychedelia, and swampy blues swirl with just three guitars, a bastardized Rick, and custom-built, beastly stacks.

Expanding, evolving, exploring, and enchanting are all applicable when describing the orbit of All Them Witches. Since their 2016 Rig Rundown, the quartet have continued pursuing their sonic mission, unbound by anything but regeneration. Their never-ending musical mutation has yielded three more individualistic, intrepid releases since our last check-in.

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“I always just wanted to play blues,” says All Them Witches’ guitarist Ben McLeod, shown here playing his Les Paul Traditional with Robby Staebler on drums and Allan Van Cleave on keys. On the band’s last tour of 71 shows, McLeod used only one pedal—a Death By Audio Fuzz War. Photo by Nick Garcia

Nashville-based psychedelic tag-team avoids clichés as they use big tones, open spaces, and surprising improvisations to conjure a new vision of Southern rock’s dark side.

Psych-rock can mean many things in 2016. The spin Nashville-based quartet All Them Witches has applied to modern psychedelia is unique yet somehow classic sounding. The band has taken the best elements of blues-rock and doom-metal, and a penchant for Grateful Dead-informed jamming, and filtered them through a distinctly Southern musical patois to create a sound and focus that is hauntingly original.

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