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Stomp Under Foot Introduces the Alabaster Fuzz

The Florida outfit's newest fuzzbox was a result of a collaboration with All Them Witches guitarist Ben McLeod.

Windermere, FL (July 3rd, 2017) -- The new special-edition pedal was created with All Them Witches' Ben McLeod and Blair White and Brandon Blane from Eastside Music Supply in Nashville, Tennessee. (All Them Witches‘ drummer Robbie created the artwork for the pedal, which is a take off the band's newest album Sleeping Through the War.)

The Alabaster is a modified Green Russian fuzz with an added clean boost. The usability of the fuzz and boost—together and separate—make this double hitter a powerhouse for any rig. The controls are boost, volume, tone, sustain and it comes with two footswitches.

Pricing: $225 street

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Watch a product demo video with Ben:

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