stomp under foot

These days, there’s more time to spend in the pedal vortex. Behold the boards of fellow guitarists from around the world.

It’s that time of year, when Premier Guitar readers get the chance to show off their pedalboards and share how they approach these tools to unlock their sound. There’s no wrong way to wire up your effects—as we know, the options are virtually endless. But that’s the fun of it! Read on to see a completely blacked-out pedalboard created by a pro guitar tech, a repurposed Target dish-drying rack, a family tree of 12 (!!!) pedalboards, and much more. Some boards are painstakingly planned and arranged, and some are visually appealing. Whatever you like, stomp on!

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This stupidly simple silicon fuzz delivers punky grind and singing lead tones.

What is that warm sense of bliss and reassurance that overcomes us when we see a one-knob stompbox? It’s almost primal. Perhaps in this age of overflowing pedalboards and stompboxes with a thousand knobs and blinking LEDS, a one-knob fuzz whispers to our cluttered subconscious: “Be calm, my child—this time, you don’t have to think.”

And with Stomp Under Foot’s Sonic Warfare, you don’t have to think—not much anyway. It’s a silicon fuzz with a Fuzz Face pedigree. And while that single knob might instinctively seem limiting, it’s a meaty, many-hued fuzz that’s highly responsive to guitar volume changes and picking dynamics, providing a spectrum of sonic color.

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This simple twist on the TS template delivers a clean-to-mean OD that sings—loud!

With so many overdrives out there, you’d think guitarists would just feel blessed to have a wealth of options. But almost nothing incites web forum warfare and near fisticuffs like the micro-minutiae of the common OD circuit. Will Stomp Under Foot’s Serenity fan the flames, or put an end to the madness?

See, Serenity has the potential to please a lot of players. It sounds great as a clean boost, a treble boost, a low-to medium-gain overdrive, and even a near fuzz. Even the threat of a pitchfork- and torch-toting overdrive faction arriving at my doorstep by day’s end can’t stop me from loving this pedal. It’s without question one of the more versatile overdrives I’ve played in the past few years.

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