Stomp Under Foot Introduces Silver Foxx and Cherry Bomb

The Florida-based fuzz fanatic reimagines the Foxx Tone Machine and the Dallas Rangemaster Treble Booster.

Windermere, FL (September 28, 2020) — Based on the 1971 Foxx Tone Machine, the Silver Foxx retains the same thick fuzz the originals are known for.

The gain control can go from a warm overdrive to full-out, massive, fat fuzz that gives you thunderous chords and sweet lead tones.

The tone control was modified for a fuller sweep from high to low and there is a little more gain on tap.

The octave is accessible by a separate foot switch and uses NOS germanium diodes to create screaming leads and ring-modulated chords.

The original pedal came covered in a velvet-like material so I had the Silver Foxx pedals powder-coated in a crushed velvet finish.

All Stomp Under Foot pedals are made by hand and use only quality, through-hole components.

Pricing Info: $189.00 street


The Cherry Bomb was inspired by the Dallas Rangemaster Treble Booster.

Unlike the original, I added a tone control that would let you go from treble to bass so you can tailor the boost to the amp you are using. I am also using a NOS NPN germanium transistor that allows you to use the pedal in a daisy-chain with other pedals.

Through a clean amp, the Cherry Bomb will give you a nice, low-gain break-up but running this through a dirty amp is where it really shines. This will push your dirty amp by adding more gain. This is very useful if you want to use your amp's gain for a dirty rhythm and them hit the Cherry Bomb for screaming leads.

All Stomp Under Foot pedals are made by hand and use only quality, through-hole components.

Pricing Info: $179.00 street

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