treble booster

Here's a look inside the clean and elegantly handwired interior of a Collector Effector Tone Bender homage.

How today's vintage-authentic pedal builders meticulously recreate the dirty sounds of the past.

Stompboxes are made so, so many different ways—especially when it comes to the construction of the circuitry inside. Most builders today use modern surface-mount technology, others adopt the older method of using through-hole components, and some employ a mixture of both to create their circuits.

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Pedal junkie Grant Wilson unleashes a new triple booster that was inspired by the Rev Billy Gibbons.

A super-simple overdrive/distortion with impressive range.

SynapticGroove launched in August 2013 with a single, simple overdrive/distortion pedal dubbed the Snapperhead. In virtually no time that pedal found fans from Guns N’ Roses’ Richard Fortus to Sheryl Crow’s Peter Stroud. Its streamlined design has a lot to do with its appeal, but it’s the Snapperhead’s ability to generate rich overdrive and grittier textures without excessively coloring an amp’s natural tone that may give this wider appeal and staying power.

Simple Pleasures
The Snapperhead’s analog circuit is housed in a Hammond 1590B-sized enclosure adorned with a weathered metallic blue finish. The internal wiring is clean as a whistle, and the team at SynapticGroove took a little extra time to decorate the interior with a few doodles. The Snapperhead will accept either a 9-volt battery or Boss-style power supply, and its incredibly bright green LED flashes when the battery is on its last legs.

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