Fender unveils a Blue Marlin finish for the historic H.E.R. Signature Stratocaster guitar—a launch that established H.E.R. as the first Black female signature artist in Fender’s 77-year history.

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Grrrl Gang's Angeeta Sentana: The Big 5

How an American icon, a shoreline gold Tele, and a stomach-turning pre-gig ritual inspire the Indonesian indie-rocker to fight the power.

COVID’s got even the world-renowned fingerstyle visionary wrestling with her chops. Here’s how she rolled with the punches, pivoted, and released the soundtrack to her on-hold-for-now audio-visual performance project, Data Not Found.

Kaki King had big plans for 2020. The world-renowned fingerstyle guitarist had upped her already considerable game on her previous record, 2015's The Neck Is a Bridge to the Body, by painstakingly creating an immersive live production in which visuals generated by a unique projection-mapping process were displayed upon her signature Ovation as she performed. This year she planned to continue on that trajectory with her newest project, Data Not Found, which explores modern themes of “big data," artificial intelligence, and how they function in the natural world.

King worked with a team that included sound designer Chloe Alexandra Thompson to create the show, which had its international premiere in Abu Dhabi in 2019 and its U.S. premiere at the 2019 Ellnora Guitar Festival. Data Not Found was then set to tour in 2020, before which King would record the performance piece's soundtrack album. Unfortunately, as the pandemic reared its head, things went very awry during the March 2020 sessions.

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