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Fender Announces H.E.R. Limited-Edition Stratocaster​

Fender Announces H.E.R. Limited-Edition Stratocaster​

Fender unveils a Blue Marlin finish for the historic H.E.R. Signature Stratocaster guitar—a launch that established H.E.R. as the first Black female signature artist in Fender’s 77-year history.

The guitar features personalized cutting edge specs that five-time Grammy winner H.E.R. prefers in a Stratocaster with the body boasting the striking debut colorway that emulates the brilliant blue of a marlin, complete with an iridescent finish that shifts in the light. With only 300 units made world-wide, this guitar is a true, special limited edition.

"I distinctly remember my father teaching me how to play my first blues scale on a Fender mini black-and-white Stratocaster. Filming this interview with him, reflecting on my musical journey, and the development of my second signature Fender guitar has been a surreal ‘pinch me’ moment. I designed my Limited Edition Stratocaster guitar with a color, shape and sound that is 100% my own so that young women and players from all backgrounds feel inspired to pick up this guitar, tap into their thoughts and create amazing music.” - H.E.R. on the Limited-Edition Strat

Fans of H.E.R. can also learn to play their favorite songs on the Fender Play App, including her hits like "Could’ve Been," "Every Kind of Way," "This Way," and more. Under H.E.R.’s Artist Spotlight, users can learn over 7 songs and 3 skills to play more like the 5-time Grammy award winner.


  • Only 300 units made world-wide
  • Blue Marlin iridescent finish: a tribute to her father Kenny, who would take H.E.R. on fishing trips growing up
  • One-piece Maple Neck with mid-’60s “C” shape: Perfect for all players, new and experienced, that allows for fretting and bending with ease.
  • 9.5” Radius, 21 Vintage-tall Frets: Easily allows for classic Fender tone and effort-less bending.
  • Fender Vintage Noiseless Stratocaster pickups: a necessary feature for H.E.R. that allows clear and articulate tone with no 60-cycle hum and a six-screw.
  • A custom neck plate engraved with H.E.R. artwork: Small but personalized touch for a signature guitar making it a fit for any player at any occasion.

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