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  • Learn how to incorporate open strings all the way up the fretboard.
  • Build velocity in your playing without practicing speed exercises.
  • Discover an easy way to steal licks from the pros using YouTube.
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It’s universally known in the guitar community that Brad Paisley isn’t just some guy that strums a guitar and sings country songs. He’s widely respected as one of the best players in the country music scene and takes an unusual approach to achieve the sonic insanity that spills out of his guitar. From Telecasters, G-benders, and cranked Dr. Z amps to instrumental records and wild guitar solos getting mainstream country radio airtime, Paisley has solidified his place in the discussion of all-time greats, and not just in the country world. In this lesson, we’ll dive into one of the cornerstones of Brad’s playing that makes him so unique: open strings.
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Country shred, double-stop licks, and G-bender pulls salvage Paisley''s most pop-sounding album to date.

Brad Paisley
Arista Nashville

There are a few things you can count on with every new Brad Paisley album: great tone, somewhat shtick-y lyrics, and the most stone-cold country shred this side of Hank Garland. That being said, Paisley’s albums sometimes seem burdened by heavy-handed production. With Wheelhouse, Paisley continues to take chances and push modern country away from the auto-tuned sing-alongs with a simple twist of his G-bender.

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Playing a pink Paisley Tele through vintage amps with multiple delays, Paisley has re-ignited country soloing. By combining wide intervals and chromaticism with pizzazz, he has enticed us to pry at how he’s pulling it off.

Chops: Intermediate
Theory: Intermediate
Lesson Overview:
• Develop a fluid hybrid-picking technique.
• Combine major and minor pentatonic scales.
• Create lines that feature open-string pull-offs, chromaticism, and banjo rolls.

Brad Paisley has won the hearts and minds of country fans with his passionate vocal delivery, a tongue-in-cheek slant on the human condition, and an off-the-wall guitar style to match. Winning multiple ACMs as a vocalist and entertainer for the past decade, he is now also recognized as a guitar giant by having won a Grammy for the pickin’ party instrumental “Cluster Pluck.” On that cut he plays to-to-toe with veritable veterans of the Nashville session scene while ripping off solos that mix jazz awareness, rock passion, and country twang. Oh yeah, he also has astonishing technical facilities on par with Eddie Van Halen. So, if you want an answer to the “What’s that?” aspect of his guitar style, you’re in the right place.

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