This stealthy new neck position pickup is recessed and designed to hide under the pickguard of a Fender Esquire.

Santa Barbara, CA (August 24, 2020) -- Seymour Duncan, a leading manufacturer of pickups and pedals, collaborates with Brad Paisley on a new signature pickup, the Secret Agent. This stealthy new neck position pickup is recessed and hidden under the pickguard of a Fender Esquire to provide the tonal options of a traditional Telecaster, while still reducing the magnetic pull on your guitar’s strings to achieve both the bridge pickup sustain and classic look of an Esquire. And, each one is handmade in the Seymour Duncan Custom Shop.

When is a one-pickup guitar not a one-pickup guitar? To answer that riddle, we’ll let you in on a little secret. Brad Paisley and Seymour Duncan are both big fans of the Fender Esquire—a single-pickup guitar that curiously still has a 3-way switch that selects tonal variations on the bridge pickup. Brad wanted to add some neck-pickup versatility while still maintaining the classic Esquire look. Enter the Secret Agent, a neck single-coil that resides under the pickguard, stealthy, hidden from sight. (Get it?) Seymour went with a medium-output ceramic bar magnet to help the Secret Agent accomplish its mission. Because it’s further from the strings with less magnetic pull, this design provides a full, warm, almost jazzy neck-pickup tone, which perfectly complements the Esquire bridge model’s bark and snarl. It all adds up to what Brad calls “my favorite Tele neck pickup.”

Want to turn your Esquire into an undercover operation? You’ll need the Secret Agent. The Brad Paisley Signature Custom Shop “Secret Agent” Esquire Neck Pickup. Hand built in Santa Barbara, CA.

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