An essential skill that’s often overlooked.



• Learn how to add interest by “missing” strums.

• Create patterns influenced by drumbeats.

• Understand how to systematically improve your rhythm playing.

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Strumming great rhythm guitar is a core skill. It’s never too soon—or too late—to get a solid groove going. With a few simple chord shapes, you can be up and running rather quickly. (You can even tune your guitar’s open strings to a chord and simply strum the open strings.) Players like Neil Young, Kurt Cobain, Noel Gallagher, and Jimmy Page all have an individualized approach to simple strums. Let’s dig in and tighten up our rhythm chops.

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A foray into the fretboard wizardry of one of the greatest of all time.



• Unleash the power of the superimposed arpeggio.
• Organize advanced language in a guitar-friendly way.
• Create excitement and forward motion in your solos.

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George Benson is a jack-of-all-trades in the music world. He's known by many as a talented R&B singer and he's floored listeners with his melodic guitar-driven smooth jazz instrumentals, but to me (and my fellow jazz guitar nerds), Benson has all of the qualities that make him one of the greatest straight-ahead jazz guitarists of all time.

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An Introduction to Weird Guitar
Photo by Andy Ellis

Get ready for a genre-bending lesson that aims to delight, confound, and inspire.

Chops: Advanced
Theory: Advanced
Lesson Overview:
• Celebrate and analyze the pioneers and expounders of weird guitar.
• Highlight elements that characterize weird guitar and demonstrate how to use these uncommon features to create your own weird sounds and songs.
• Discuss how intuition, industry, and music theory can work together to create weird music that is logical, clever, vital, and sustainable.

Click here to download a printable PDF of this lesson's notation.

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