Rig Rundown - Gilad Hekselman

The jazz-trio chameleon uses handcrafted guitars and a self-restricted pedal playground to cover bass, keys, and a disintegrating computer.

After releasing Trio Grande with saxophonist Will Vinson and drummer Antonio Sánchez (via Whirlwind Recordings), Gilad Hekselman virtually invited PG's Chris Kies into his NYC-based jam space.

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Why I Built This: Cowbrand Design’s Michael King

Cowbrand Design’s Michael King on how retro space-age aesthetics, motorcycle maintenance, and Chicago-built blues guitars inform his unique takes on the 6-string.

Guitar store staff have better things to do than clean your instrument, so a well-loved but unsoiled 6-string like this is going to command a higher trade-in value than one that comes in covered in years of residue.

Believe it or not, you can boost the value of your instrument by making everyone's life a little easier … and cleaner!

There's an overwhelming amount of activity in the guitar market these days, and the sheer amount of demand has left some manufacturers struggling to keep up. But rather than wait around for stores to re-stock, more and more customers are shopping for used and vintage guitars. You might wonder, where do all those used guitars come from?

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