Rig Rundown: JD Simo

The Nashville-based power player uses classic-style guitars and amps to create big tones that echo from the past to the future.

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The Southern rockers take no prisoners with their twin-guitar attack.

Charlie Starr covers vocals and his share of guitar abuse both live and in the studio. Starr splits up riff duties between a modest collection of guitars. His main axe is a battle-scarred 1956 Les Paul Jr. with the original P-90 pickup.

Premier Guitar hung with Charlie Starr and Paul Jackson of Blackberry Smoke just a few hours before they blew the roof off of Nashville’s Ryman Auditorium. The boys shared their recipe for Southern rock tone that’s as thick as grits and gravy. Special thanks to the band’s tech, David “Doc” Oswalt, for details.


A new family of point-to-point, handwired amps from Echopark.

Los Angeles, California (March 11, 2015) -- Echopark Guitars has unveiled a stunning new preview of the Clarence Amp from their new division of Echopark Amplifiers.

Echopark Guitars have become an industry standard for many of the most well known and prolific artists in the world of rock 'n roll today. Owner and luthier Gabriel Currie has built the company based on his talent and unique aesthetic for high craft materials of the finest quality, based on a modern/vintage philosophy and the lust for the perfect tone.

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