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From channeling life experiences through his playing to his gospel influences and learning from right-handed players, Gales digs deep.

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Blues guitarist Eric Gales and Saint Blues Guitar Workshop teamed up for the Blindsider "Ghost Notes" signature guitar.

Memphis, TN (October 3, 2013) -- Saint Blues Guitar Workshop announced today the creation of the Eric Gales signature Blindsider guitar, Ghost Notes. The production model is a right-handed body, though Eric will play it reversed as a lefty version. This is an all black guitar. It features an ebony fretboard, with "Eric Gales" in pearloid inlay from 3rd fret to the 12th fret. It will feature a slab top, black Blade Runner bridge, 3 Fralin single coil pickups, black Sperzel locking tuners, black nitro finish and black pearl binding and pick guard. To keep with the all black appearance, it even features black water buffalo horn for the nut. The production Eric Gales signature model will be different from his personal version in that it will have the initials “EG” at the 12th fret. It will have a retail price of $3,778.

“I have been playing a St. Blues Blindsider for years and being from Memphis, I love working with folks from my home town, especially when they build some of the best sounding guitars in the world. With this new CD and upcoming gigs, it was time for me to get my dream guitar built and I wanted St. Blues to build it”, said Eric Gales. “Eric is a phenomenal guitar player and being from Memphis we have been lucky to work with him for a while. When he asked if we could create a customized version for him, we jumped at the chance, because he is such a great guitar player. He knows what he wants in an instrument and he is very selective about tone and feel. He hand picked all the components on the guitar.” said Bryan Eagle, President of Saint Blues Guitar Workshop.

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Photo by Ross Pelton

Eric Gales, King’s X bassist/vocalist Doug Pinnick, and former Mars Volta drummer Thomas Pridgen hole-up in the studio for two weeks and emerge with an album full of blazing blues-prog.

"Collateral Damage" by Pinnick Gales Pridgen

Catching a smoke outside a Southern California hotel (and looking badass with a single-coil pickup repurposed as a necklace), blues-guitar virtuoso Eric Gales reminisces about playing on the same bill with King’s X years ago. “I never thought that I’d have the opportunity to open up for them on my first tour ever,” he recalls. “As a kid, I’d go to see King’s X, and my head was blown away.” King’s X bassist and vocalist Doug Pinnick (aka dUg) elaborates. “Eric opened up for us when he was about 16. My impression of him was the same back then as it is now: He’s always been a freak of nature.”

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