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Rig Rundown: Tetrarch's Diamond Rowe & Josh Fore

Metalheads Diamond Rowe and Josh Fore keep it old school, with EMG-outfitted ESP speedsters hitting primed-and-dimed 5150s.

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George Lynch primarily used his signature ESP Super V on the upcoming album with the Banishment. This ESP T-Style is one of his other main guitars.

Photo by Sebastien Paquet

The ’80s shred icon opens up about his new industrial-metal trio, the Banishment, trying to avoid old crutches, and seeking out new sounds—including by miking speakers inside ammo boxes and trash cans.

As the lead guitarist of platinum-selling hard rockers Dokken and with his solo group Lynch Mob, George Lynch was one of the most influential and visible guitarists of the 1980s. It's no stretch to say that Lynch played an integral role in defining the sound and aesthetic of the '80s shred guitar hero. He was the first major player to have a line of artist models with ESP Guitars when they initially hit the scene, his charismatic stage presence and look were often copied by hordes of fledgling shredders at the peak of the gunslinger guitarist movement, and his signature instrumental feature, “Mr. Scary," off Dokken's 1987 album, Back for the Attack, is still cited by many as one of the most vital documents of '80s rock guitar.

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Darkest Hour's cofounding guitarist details his brand-new signature ESP V and offers up sound secrets gleaned from producer/singer Brian McTernan.

Facing a mandatory shelter-in-place ordinance to limit the spread of COVID-19, PG enacted a hybrid approach to filming and producing Rig Rundowns. This is the 35th video in that format.

Darkest Hour cofounding guitarist/frontman and one-half of Be Well’s axe pack Mike Schleibaum makes some time after releasing Be Well’s debut The Weight and the Cost to virtually welcome PG’s Perry Bean into his gear sanctuary. In this Rig Rundown, he goes over his brand-spankin’ new ESP LTD signature V, details how (and why) he overhauls all his Les Pauls in the same manner, shows off his mighty Marshalls, and shares a few of producer (and Be Well singer) Brian McTernan’s pedal secrets that turned his standard Pro Co and Boss stomps into era earmarks for melodic metal and hardcore genres.

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