february 2020

Expansive EQ- and drive-shaping capabilities meet studio-level precision. The PG Origin Effects RevivalDRIVE Compact review.



Extraordinary build quality. Super thoughtful design and execution. Lots of range and nuance in individual controls. Splendid, powerful EQ.

Costs nearly as much as the gold brick its construction evokes.


Origin Effects RevivalDRIVE


Ease of Use:


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Shown here with his 1923 National Duolian, Hughes is a deft fingerpicker. On West, he reveals his skills in "The Dreamer," which gives off modern-day Nick Drake vibes.

Photo by Libby Danforth

After 15 years of slugging it out through failed record deals, Nashville studio trenches, and endless writing sessions, the Australian picker has finally discovered the sound of his soul.

“I realized, holy shit. I've never done this before." Jedd Hughes is still buzzed about not only rocking a packed house at Nashville's 3rd and Lindsley but doing so with … a string quintet. The added textures augmented Hughes' working band with lush soundscapes that gave the tunes a bit of a movie soundtrack vibe. “It worked beautifully," says Hughes. “Everybody just tamed their velocity a bit and I had to be really conscious of sticking to the arrangements."

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