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Epiphone Alex Lifeson Les Paul Axcess Standard Demo - First Look

Dive-bombs, belly cuts, and sweet-singing split-coil tones—the Rush maestro's signature Epiphone is a supreme steal, too.

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The first authentic Floyd Rose Tremolo System loaded with Graph Tech’s Ghost saddles.

Wall Township, NJ (December 30, 2014) -- Two of the foremost innovators for the electric guitar over the last 40 years, Floyd Rose and Graph Tech, are finally teaming up to create the first authentic Floyd Rose Tremolo System loaded with Graph Tech’s Ghost loaded saddles. While there have been licensed Floyd Rose systems that have been produced with these saddles, this will be the first produced by Floyd Rose in direct cooperation with Graph Tech, and of course the first to bear the Floyd Rose name and stamp of authenticity.

Graph Tech’s ghost loaded saddles contain custom engineered piezo crystals, and are reputed to be greatly superior to other piezo saddles for a number of reasons. First, most piezo pickups are set in a metal saddle; the metal makes it next to impossible to get a truly authentic acoustic sound, and leaves the crystal exposed and susceptible to moisture and corrosion. Graph Tech Ghost saddles completely encapsulate the pickup in their renowned String Saver material, making it impervious to the elements. String Saver saddles also give you a more balanced tone across the audio spectrum when compared to metal saddles, with crisp highs, warm mids and deep bass-- they don’t have the 2 KHz spike that metal saddles are known for, giving the tone more balance and dimension. Also, the saddles don’t just utilize any piezo crystals; Graph Tech’s crystals are designed specifically to work within the guitar frequency range. The pickups are individually calibrated for even string to string output-- if that’s not enough to make them an ideal match for the ever-durable Original Floyd Rose, they also dramatically reduce string breakage.

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New items include Stone Tone Rock Block, Turbo Trem Arm, Push-In Trem Arm, and more.

Wall Township, NJ (December 15, 2014) -- Floyd Rose Marketing has expanded their line of upgrades to include many new items such as the Stone Tone Rock Block, a sustain block made of granite; the Turbo Trem Arm, a superbly agile and durable tremolo arm with two convenient Allen key ends; the Push-In Tremolo Arm; and noiseless springs coated with a revolutionary polymer that eliminates that “spring ping” associated with the tremolo. All of these new upgrades are now available in addition to their already acclaimed collection of upgradable parts to personalize the millions of existing bridges on the market.

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