gary holt

The Slayer guitar partnership of Gary Holt (left) and Kerry King is working well. “Kerry picks the spots he thinks are well suited for me to solo,” Holt explains, “and after three years of playing together on the road, he knows my style well and those spots are usually exactly where I already have a cool part in mind. We’re really in sync.”
Photo by Ken Settle

Slayer bequeaths Repentless, which delivers an assault of machine-gun riffs with an underlying message.

“Slayer is Slayer.”

The historic thrash-metal band’s current lineup of fret burners repeat this statement like a mantra in conversations about, well, Slayer. But the truth is, Slayer isn’t Slayer—at least not the same Slayer that played their first brutalized notes together in 1981 and dripped aural blood drawn by the horn of Satan all over their debut album Show No Mercy.

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