The guitars are the first in Grover Jackson's Inspiration Series

Laguna Hills, CA (May 14, 2015) -- At the recent Frankfurt Musik Messe, GJ2 Guitars unveiled their new “Inspiration Series”. The new line of guitars has been developed as a direct response to requests from players who want to enjoy the benefit of Grover Jackson’s designs and commitment to quality, tone, and playability at a more accessible price. The first offerings in what will become a full range are the “Concorde” and “Shredder” models.

The Concorde represents Grover’s latest incarnation of one of his most iconic designs and features neck-through-body construction, bound rosewood fingerboard, and two “Habanero Special” humbucking pickups. It is available with a Floyd Rose or Tone Pros fixed bridge. The Concorde comes in a fitted hard case.

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An aggressive, responsive, and well-crafted machine from the godfather of shred guitar design.

From Eddie Van Halen’s striped, hot-rod “Frankenstein” to Randy Rhoads’, pinstriped V, Grover Jackson’s guitar-building magic helped bring the age of shred alive. For a while, it seemed like virtually every shredder who came on the scene after Van Halen and Rhoads sported a Charvel or Jackson. In 1985, Jackson sold Charvel/Jackson to International Music Corp., and eventually Fender bought the companies. Since then, Jackson has mostly kept a low profile, working behind the scenes with different manufacturers. But in 2011 he jumped back into the fray in a big way, joining forces with industry vet Jon Gold to form GJ2. The Shredder reviewed here is one of the most dialed-in products of the duo’s shared vision.

Looks That Thrill
Jackson’s creations helped fuel the over-the-top decadence of ’80s glam metal and the Shredder embodies that aesthetic with stirring recollections of Mötley Crüe and Poison videos. Even the case is an article of glam gluttony. With its blue-and-white vinyl exterior and pale blue velour interior, this is—hands down—the coolest case I’ve ever come across.

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