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The Godin Session T-Pro starts with the versatility of the Session HT, and adds boutique-quality features.

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The newest addition to the Radium family will include Godin's custom Zebra humbucks and Cajun Nickel single-coil pickups.

Godin Guitars is proud to announce the launch of the Radium Matte Green as part of its high-quality Radium Series.

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Godin combines vintage aesthetics with modern playability.

Montreal, Canada (January 9, 2008) - With its vintage spirit and design, the Godin 5th Avenue archtop acoustic is looking to exceed players’ aesthetic and sound expectations when it premieres at Winter NAMM this month. As the newest member of the Godin guitar family, the 5th Avenue combines the soul of a 1950s archtop with today’s level of modern playability. 

Godin put a great deal of time and research into crafting their newest creation by giving the 5th Avenue (MSRP $ 625), more projection and volume in the low/mids than traditional archtop acoustic guitars. The body of the 5th Avenue is crafted from Canadian Wild Cherry and also includes classic f-holes and a floating pickguard. 

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