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Fender Player Plus Meteora HH Demo | First Look

Hear how the new Fireball pickups in the latest evolution of the offset unleash much more than flaming destruction.

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An articulate, immaculately constructed Annapolis native that speaks in many voices.

An extremely well-made guitar boasting easy playability, stand-out looks, and super-impressive sonic versatility.

It's pricey. You'll want to ensure you're onboard with the Narrowfield voice before you invest.

$4,660 with 10 Top, as reviewed ($4,000 with standard top)

PRS Studio


Even among a stable of instruments known for their versatility, PRS's Studio model is arguably one of the company's most sonically and stylistically malleable instruments. Reintroduced to the U.S.-made Core lineup for 2021 after first appearing in 2011, this new Studio is hyper-flexible, configured with a distinctive humbucker set and modified switching that takes that versatility up a notch.

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Neural Quad Cortex Demo - First Look

An effortless, intuitive touch-screen interface and big-time number-crunching horsepower yield a super-flexible floor processor that rivals the best in the biz.

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