Take it from Judas Priest and follow your dreams. Even if that includes golfing.

Times have changed: Is becoming an artist now a reasonable career path?

If you play guitar, you’re a musician. And if you also write your own music, you’re an artist. It doesn’t have anything to do with how much money you make or how famous you are. We live in a time that honors that title, which is a huge leap for our society. Since I was a kid, I’d heard tales of handwringing parents who, when confronted with their child’s desire to become an artist of any kind, advised against it—pleading with their children to get a “proper” education, or at least have a backup plan. Painters, poets, sculptors, and writers were often portrayed as starving, wretched outcasts who died penniless. The exceptions who succeeded financially were few, and not usually musicians.

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Keeley Effects

With over 30 models to choose from, Keeley’s line of handcrafted and innovative effects covers a full range of sounds for professional and enthusiast musicians of every kind. Industry standard compression, expressive analog drive and fuzz, mind bending, lush modulation or expansive delay and reverb, all of Keeley’s effects have the finely tuned, soulful sound quality that you can only get from over 15 years of obsessive dedication to tone. Beyond that one of the industry’s most serious lifetime warranties ensures there will never be a time your Keeley pedal won’t be ready to perform.

Street Price: $99 – $299

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