This Valco “mutt” guitar was built with leftover parts at a Japanese factory, including an old tremolo, random pickups and switches, and a bridge that makes it difficult to intonate.

When you’ve built your entire life around guitars, our columnist says, it’s shockingly easy to connect their history with just about anything—including dogs.

I was talking to my wife the other day about selling guitars. My daughter wants a car, so I’ve been unloading a few nice electrics on fellow collectors with the hope that I can get my girl something safe to drive. My wife and daughter were joking about how much guitars are a part of our lives, and how I can connect anything to guitars, design, and music.

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Takamine Factory Tour

PG's Chris Kies treks to Nakatsugawa, Japan, for a first-hand look at how the acoustic-electric pioneers craft their world-renowned flattops.

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Taylor announces another distribution agreement abroad

El Cajon, California(October 1, 2008) – First the Euro distribution deal with Fender and now, Japan! Tayor Guitars continue to push for a global market.

Taylor Guitars announced their distribution agreement with Japan’s oldest and foremost distributor of musical instruments, Yamano Music Company today. The agreement will facilitate expanded distribution of Taylor guitar models and accessories in Japan, with Yamano providing an expansive distribution channel and the first line of support for Taylor’s Japan-based customers.

The Yamano Music Company has been a leader in building Japan’s music market for over 100 years, and Taylor couldn''t be more pleased with their distribution deal. Beginning this month, the full Taylor model line will be available through Yamano’s dealer network.

 “As the demand for Taylor Guitars continues to grow, we are confident that Yamano can best leverage its dealer network to give buyers the complete Taylor experience,” shared Kurt Listug, co-founder and CEO of Taylor Guitars. “From warehousing and distribution, to product expertise and service, Yamano has a solid history of bringing major American guitar brands into the market, with sound results. We consider the company to be the premier guitar distributor in Japan and the best partner for our brand.”

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