jerry cantrell

Alice in Chains' Jerry Cantrell launches his partnership with Epiphone introducing the “Wino” Les Paul Custom and the Les Paul Custom Prophecy electric guitars.

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If you're one of the many players obsessed with capturing Jerry Cantrell's wailing guitar tones, the new signature Superhawk Deluxe might be right up your alley.

The G&L Superhawk was nearly lost to the ages—specifically, to the mid to late ’80s, when hair metal and shred ruled the arenas of the world. It was released in 1984 as a dual-humbucker alternative to the single-humbucker Rampage model, along with the Invader, which came equipped with two single-coils and a bridge humbucker. But as the ’80s and its Aqua Net trappings fell out of favor and faded into memory, so too did many of the guitars that were designed for players of that era.

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