lust for tone

Breaking new ground, the Florida crew shows off its first instrument—a classy T-style loaded with the company's flagship pickups.

An optional wiring harness offers quick engagement of coil tapping and out-of-phase selections across all positions.

West Palm Beach, FL (March 3, 2015) -- The Swampbucker’s are the first in our Artist Series pickup line. The overall design being a culmination of an extremely collaborative back and forth with Tony Pasko of Down Boys Records and one of the musical writers for A&E’s No.1 rated shows, Duck Dynasty, Wahlburgers, Animal Planets Pit Bulls & Parolees, MSNBC's Lockup, Discovery Channel's Shark Week; Porter Ridge and Boss Hog, Spike Cable Networks Auction Hunters and Savage Family Diggers, Reelz Hollywood Hillbillies, and The Weather Channel’s Reef Wranglers.

Tony’s baseline requirements were for fat tone, superb clarity, and a detailed sweet top end that could transcribe finger style -- hybrid picking -- and slide play when coupled with a heavy string gauge without any reduction in upper-mid and treble frequencies. We added a little mojo to produce a P90/DeArmond fat single-coil sound which gets downright nasty for some swampy blues slide play or blistering blues licks, yet preserving wonderful warm detailed clean tones when rolled off.

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The pickups use calibrated Alnico III sandcast magnets.

West Palm Beach, FL (November 5, 2014) -- Seems the design for this single-coil set was arrived at after a session of smoky blues, and a healthy amount of whiskey consumption. They’re as fat as a church cat, articulate, and incredibly responsive to attack and touch. Warm note detail and string separation with harp like clarity. These mothers really sparkle when paired with dirty overdriven tube-sizzling amplification. Switch to the mid positions Reverse Wind Reverse Polarity (RWRP) for syrup thick humbucking like tone and a ridiculous top end perfectly suited for cutting through any live mix. Texas tone at its finest!


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