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Lust for Tone Introduces the Fandango Single-Coil Pickup

Lust for Tone Introduces the Fandango Single-Coil Pickup

The pickups use calibrated Alnico III sandcast magnets.

West Palm Beach, FL (November 5, 2014) -- Seems the design for this single-coil set was arrived at after a session of smoky blues, and a healthy amount of whiskey consumption. They’re as fat as a church cat, articulate, and incredibly responsive to attack and touch. Warm note detail and string separation with harp like clarity. These mothers really sparkle when paired with dirty overdriven tube-sizzling amplification. Switch to the mid positions Reverse Wind Reverse Polarity (RWRP) for syrup thick humbucking like tone and a ridiculous top end perfectly suited for cutting through any live mix. Texas tone at its finest!


  • Calibrated Alnico III sandcast magnets
  • Vintage enameled select #42 magnetic wire
  • Copper baseplate (Bridge)
  • Vintage-style waxed push-back cloth leads
  • RWRP in mid position
  • Estimated DC resistance output: 5.25k neck, and 6.7 bridge
  • Cover options: nickel-plated, chrome-plated, or no cover

Retail: $275

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