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Lust For Tone Announces Atomic Series of Pickups

Lust For Tone Announces Atomic Series of Pickups

The neck pickup features an Alnico V magnet with an Alnico VIII in the bridge.

West Palm Beach, FL (August 4, 2014) -- Lust for Tone adds more firepower with the launch of their Atomic Tribute Series handmade pickups. This matched set captures the essence of the American hard rock era. The pickups produce plenty of muscular arena-rock tone. If you’re looking to enhance soaring lead work, acrobatic hammer-ons, pull-offs with speed and finesse, two-handed tapping licks and whammy-bar dives, then look no further...cause these Atomics are the bomb!


  • Calibrated Alnico rough cast magnets, V neck, and VIII bridge
  • Vintage enameled select #42 magnetic wire
  • Hardwood maple spacer blocks
  • Monotone Butyrate Bobbins
  • Solid German nickel base plates
  • Estimated DC resistance output: 7.8k neck, and 9.1 bridge
  • Cover options (Raw brushed nickel, plated nickel, or 24kt gold plated)

The pickup set retails for $450.

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