marshall amps

A fly rig that gets freaking huge.

Convincing Marshall tones in a very tiny package. Rich high gain, and detailed low-gain sounds. Cool fuzz.

Channels lack independent EQ.


Tech 21 Character Plus Fuzzy Brit


As adjectives go, “cute” and “raging” are usually an odd fit. But apart from, perhaps, a rabid pug with vampire fangs, few things are as deserving of both descriptors as Tech 21’s Fuzzy Brit. This light, solidly built, and miniscule menace machine is an all-analog, 2-channel approximation of Marshall amps from the Bluesbreaker to ’60s plexi and ’70s JMP models—all paired with a cool take on a Fuzz Face. And it’s a satisfying substitute when you can’t lug a massive Marshall head and 4x12 along to the show.

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