mattoverse electronics

The FloraVolt Mini is a fruit/vegetable powered sonic saturator in a simpler stripped down and more affordable format than the standard FloraVolt.

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A wide-ranging wobble box—and compelling analog/digital hybrid.



Nice optical vibrato and tremolo. Eight waveform options. Tap tempo. Wet/dry blend. Input jack for external sync.

No stereo output. No battery option.


Mattoverse Electronics Inflection Point


Ease of Use:



The Inflection Point is a new tremolo/vibrato effect from Wisconsin-based boutique builder Mattoverse Electronics. But there’s more here than just basic pitch and volume modulation. The pedal offers eight modulating waveforms. There’s a dedicated tap-tempo footswitch. You can create basic chorus sounds. There’s even a quasi-reverb ambient effect. The Inflection Point is more like a one-stop modulation shop than a simple trem.

Analog, Meet Digital
The Inflection Point circuit has an interesting architecture. While many modern modulation effects employ a digital DSP chip, such as the Spin FV-1, the modulation element here is old school. A large, 5 mm LED shines onto a light-dependent resistor. Twiddling the rate and depth knobs alters the brightness and pulsation speed of the LED, determining the rate and intensity of the effects. It’s your classic optical tremolo.

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