It "works well" with guitar or bass but reportedly sounds like garbage.

Onalaska, WI (April 5, 2019) -- The brand new AirTrash from Mattoverse Electronics is pedal for guitar or bass that sounds like absolute garbage. Breadboard explorations and integrated circuit abuse led to the discovery of some absolutely sickening sounds. All attempts to wrangle and refine this sonic savagery proved fruitless and the decision was made to let it be the simple, impractical, and disgusting beast that it is. While it could be described as a fuzz pedal depending on how it’s used, it is not based on any known fuzz circuit and is capable of some truly unique sounds.

It “works well” with guitar or bass and sounds best with the guitar or bass plugged straight into it (first in the pedal chain) and is very sensitive to pick attack and input volume.

The AirTrash sells for a $119 Street Price and is available now in limited quantities directly from Mattoverse Electronics at and through the Mattoverse Electronics Reverb Shop at

Watch the company's video demo:

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Mattoverse Electronics

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