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NUX Trident Demo | NAMM 2023

Check out how this affordable modeler cover high-gain tones, chewy tweed emulations, and much more.

NUX Mighty Space Demo | NAMM 2023

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A satisfying, compact digital Space Echo facsimile that offers looping, tap tempo, and more.

A smart control interface that enables cool realtime Space Echo emulations. Tap tempo. Looper. Small and sturdy. Stereo outs.

Repeats can sound a touch thin. Looper can feel clunky at times.


NUX Tape Echo


The Roland RE-201 Space Echo is one of the greatest inventions of the 20th century. So, any compact digital approximation that offers some of its creative functionality and even a fraction of its rich sounds is bound to be fun. NUX’s Tape Echo comes up a little short in terms of replicating the deep, foggy tonalities of a Space Echo (what digital pedal doesn’t?). But the addition of looping functionality and tap tempo, as well as a satisfying reverb that doesn’t sound worlds away from a big Fender spring unit, make it a tempting tour pal.

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