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NUX Tape Echo - PG Gear Spotlight

NUX Tape Echo - PG Gear Spotlight
NUX Tape Echo - PG Gear Spotlight

Check out this demo of a rather faithful recreation of a classic echo box—right down to the beautiful imperfections.

Tape Echo

Offering 1600ms of stereo delay, 7 repro-tape head combos and spring reverb, a 40-second stereo looper, and full MIDI control, the NUX TAPE ECHO (NDD-7) pays tribute to the original Space Echo while combining modern feature updates.

NUX TAPE ECHO uses Core-Image technology to recreate all the properties of the original Space Echo from 1974. It provides control of Bass, Treble, Time, Repeat, Level and Reverb, as well as further adjustment of Wow, Flutter, Saturation and Kill Dry. With different combinations of the virtual repro-tape heads, you have 7 delay pattern options. The longest delay time can reach 1600ms using Tap Tempo. You can even engage self-oscillation to get an infinite feedback.

An important feature of Space Echo is the spring reverb, which has also been recreated here. Core-Image technology captured the natural spring reverb sound and combined it with the warm and organic delay; NUX TAPE ECHO gives you lush echoes.

NUX TAPE ECHO also features a looper (SOS mode) with a maximum recording time of 40 seconds in stereo. Elsewhere, the pedal has 3.5mm MIDI IN/OUT jacks - you can assign the settings via a corresponding editor software. It’s a versatile and compact tool for modern guitarists looking for retro echo sound!

NUX TAPE ECHO highlights include:
• Up to 1600ms stereo delay time
• 7 Repro-Tape Heads combinations and Reverb only
• Core-Image technology brings natural Tape Echo with parallel spring reverb
• Realistic infinite pitch-shift feedback with TIME & REPEAT knobs tweaking
• Sub-division time signature with Tap Tempo foot switch
• 40 seconds stereo phrase loop
• Optional delay time display (MS / BPM)
• MIDI In/Out
• Holding ON footswitch for self-feedback